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If an unforeseen plumbing disaster strikes, you can trust Plumbing Service Company expert technicians.

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Exceptional Value

We have a unique and effective business model with numerous highly skilled professionals, which means we can give even more savings to our customers.

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Here’s What Customers Can Look Forward To

Service at Any time

Due to our huge network of professional local associates, our company is able to send a plumber to your home 24 hours per day and seven days out of the week.

Rapid Response

As we work with multiple experts, we can call you back within one hour. Our prompt response allows us to have plumbing problems resolved before another company can even get a company to your area.

Quality Results

Our company requires each of our technicians to follow our strict educational and performance criteria if they wish to remain in our company.


You will never be treated with anything other than respect, we carry up-to-date and quality instruments, and will always be punctual and prepared.

What Sets Us Apart? Why Should You Choose Our Licensed Plumbers?

 We maintain a full network of experienced and insured technicians, in your area to make sure plumbing issues of our clients are taken care of within one hour after we receive a phone call.

Each of our technicians is properly trained and require professional training of over 10,000 hours, positive reputation in the industry, and duly licensed. We want to give our each client peace of mind when it comes to our technicians responding to their plumbing needs.

No job is too big or too small. Whether you need a complete remodel, or if you need services involving heating, fixtures, or leaks. We ensure each plumbing issue is attended to.

You don’t have to just take our word for it; we have numerous customer testimonials to prove our claims of Plumbing Service Company providing exceptional quality in the Richmond area.

Plumbing Service Company is Richmond strives to assist anyone in distress with a properly trained technician. Our technicians have the expertise to properly solve any possible water system issue.

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