Plumbing Service Company Uses Technology to See the Entire Inside of Your Sewer

If you could choose one superpower, which would it be? For some people, they have chosen x-ray vision. This is a power that is made possible with the assistance of an x-ray machine, as well as video technology.

Although you may not naturally have this power, it may be quite useful to find lost items and diagnose the issues within the plumbing system. At Plumbing Service Company, we provide this type of superpower so we can see right inside your sewer with our professional camera.

The pipes which run through your entire home carry dirty water out and can potentially get quite clogged due to the accumulation from clogs, grease, and dirt.  Leaks, cracks, and broken pipes may also be the culprit of your septic system not functioning optimally. Each of the problems cannot be seen by the naked eye; however, they could be seen with our special camera.


Efficient Quality Camera to Inspect Sewer Line

Our team of experts utilize state-of-the-art cameras which will allow us to travel the entire length of your pipe. The camera is motorized so we can see the on-screen step by step video transmission.

You won’t have to guess what is going on any longer or pay money for a solution you aren’t even sure would work. It could get overwhelming to keep guessing what is going on, only to have the solution not resolved. Thankfully, we take great pride in diagnosing your plumbing issues quickly and accurately. Our team provides reliable and fast services to ensure that your plumbing system is working the way it should.

We provide emergency service 24/7 so we can resolve emergencies fast and so we can prevent any serious problems from occurring. We try our best to tend to each emergency call the same day or the latest, the next business day.

Off grade pipes, cracks, and leaks can be hard to detect. When you opt for a camera sewer inspection, it is ideal as the camera can transmit the correct location, which will take the guessing out of the process. This type of service is available for both residential and commercial needs.

Having the assistance of real-time video image transmissions that are sent via camera, our professionals will be able to quickly notice the issue or potential issues of your pipes, including:

  • Root Intrusion
  • Punctures
  • Misalignments
  • Corrosion
  • Off-Grade Pipes
  • Clogs
  • Leaks


Sewer problems can certainly be deceptive. Snaking the pipe may restore the flow of water without the need to remove the problem sources, which will lead you back to where you started after a couple of weeks. What is easier than removal is root intrusion prevention.

If you ever needed to call a plumber to your business or home, multiple times for sewer backups and drain problems, it may be time for a video inspection. After we analyze the data, our professional will recommend the best option to your solution that is the most cost-effective.

Our service is excellent for any potential homebuyers. Many individuals forget to check the state of their plumbing system and they may assume that since the sink works and the toilet flushes, then everything is fine.

However, a view inside the plumbing system will save a ton of hassle. It will essentially reveal any material in which pipes are made. Any old pipes that are made from sub-standard quality material at a higher risk for residual buildup, leaks, root invasion, deterioration, and corrosion. Knowing about these problems ahead of time allows for prevention of serious issues down the line.

When you identify blockages and leaks, you will be able to take the necessary steps to find the remedy for the issues. We are happy to provide the remedies at a competitive price every day of the year.