A water heater that is in excellent condition is one of the most critical plumbing appliances within a facility, building, or home. Never let your family members, employees, students, and tenants suffer without having hot water. Go ahead and contact us today for either maintenance, repairs, or installation.


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Each building in home will usually have a shower and a sink, which are installed by our professionals regularly. Water heater appliances will heat up the water in your home so you will always be able to have hot water as soon as you need it.

Water heaters will come in all sizes and shapes. What fits someone else’s specific needs may not fit yours. There are a few differences between residential water heaters and commercial water heaters.

For the installation process, you won’t be able to install a residential water heater in a commercial building and then expect it to work efficiently without checking the size requirements of the location.


When is it Time to Replace a Water Heater?

Water heaters will need to be replaced once they reached their timeframe of the lifespan. The lifespan typically depends on maintenance, quality of installation, as well as how it was used around the last 12 years.

If your residential or commercial water heater is coming close to the end mark and it has developed a leak that starts from the base of the tank, stopped heating up the water, or functions irrationally, it could be time to replace it. You can find the age of the water heater by looking at the serial number, which is taped on the water heater itself.

Rumbling and rusty water are both signs that your water heater tank is aging. Once your heater starts to heat up the water, there are water sediments that are heated, they then deposit on the bottom where they harden; this is the main source of the rumbling noise.


Difference Between Residential and Commercial Water Heaters

There are two differences between residential and commercial water heaters. The two differences are gas input levels and size. Commercial water heaters will usually hold up to 250 gallons of water, while a residential water heater will hold only 100 gallons of water.

The size of the tank is a huge factor. If your commercial property has a lot of people and utilizes a significant amount of water, a commercial water heater that is larger is the best way to go. However, if you have a just a small enterprise, it may be best for a residential water heater.


Different Types of Water Heaters Available

There are four different types of water heaters:

  • Solar Water Heaters
  • Hybrid
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Tank Heaters


Conventional tank water heaters will store the heated water consistently. These specific types of water heaters range from 20 to 80 gallons and are economical.

The tankless water heater will heat cold water as it passes through electric elements or gas burners. These specific types of water heaters tend to be more expensive but they are a great choice for residences who occupy their home part-time. They will never run out of water if they are used heavily and they require ventilation. Hybrid water heaters heat water by pulling ambient air in and work to extract available heat. Hybrid heaters use magnesium anode rod, which can allow hot water to appear 33 percent faster than a standard electric water heater.


Fuel Sources for Water Heaters

Different heating sources will be used for different water heaters. The least expensive option is electric. Water heaters that utilize electric fuel sources will use replaceable heating elements to heat up the water. The size of these tanks typically range from 28 to 100+ gallons.

Propane or gas water heaters will utilize a burner. You will not be able to store any combustible materials near this type of heater. This type of water heater ranges from 30 to 100 gallons.

Each of the heaters have different specifications, size difference, and installation requirements. Having proper installation is vital to allow an extended life of the investment.

If your location is too small to allow for a standard size water heater, there are multiple alternatives. Short water heaters are created wider and shorter. Having these dimensions will allow them to hold enough water.

A tall water heater is available when there is a need for a narrow heater.

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