Each of our technicians can assist you when it comes to determining the most efficient size of the grease trap to meet the needs of your business. The size will be based on the rate of the water that is coming at gallons per minute. Grease trap size is named within terms of capacity, for example, (the flow rate *2). A trap that is 20 gallons per minute would essentially be rated with a capacity of 40 pounds. One simple formula is needed to take the entire area of your sink and then multiple it by .003. The product will end up being the combined amount of liquids within the gallon that your sink can hold; this will be the minimum size that you should look for in a grease trap.

Typically, grease traps are made out of fiberglass, concrete, or plastic. Location of a grease trap is determined by the purpose. Certain traps are meant to be connected to a dishwasher while others need to be placed underground.

Our company provides reliable and efficient pumping services that have assisted hundreds of commercial kitchen facilities that operate at a full capacity.


Plumbing Service Company in Richmond provides extra services to make sure that your grease trap is working at the maximum capacity.

The first thing is to establish a consistent pumping schedule. Having this service will allow you to make sure that your grease trap is functioning optimally. Once it is pumped, our technician will dispose the waste, following the EPA guidelines and local codes. Grease traps are typically emptied once every three to six months. However, the timeframe will depend on the amount of traffic within your establishment and the size. Not only do you take your business seriously, but we do as well. Our services are highly recommended. Our qualifications set the bar even higher.


Advantages of Choosing Plumbing Service Company

Our team of plumbers are all licensed professionals who have had 10,000+ hours of training. Each of our plumbers are:

  • Experienced with restaurant and commercial needs
  • Knowledgeable with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Insured
  • Trained
  • Licensed
  • Background Cleared
  • Drug Screened

Our entire team is consumed with licensed plumbing professionals who are just a phone call away if your business needs an expedient install or replacement or repair of a grease trap. We are ready to assist each of our customers 24 hours per day, any day of the year for emergency plumbing issues. We know that when it comes to your business, you want things back in working order as soon as possible for your customers.

Plumbing Service Company offers a full installation capability, as well as the expertise to assist you with handling both small and large projects. We don’t only pump out your grease trap and assume our job is done; instead, we take a look at your entire kitchen drain system. Our team will offer you services to ensure you keep your drains flowing with minimal downtime, full capacity, as well as supply you with effective drain cleaning.

Debris, food, oil, and grease can all clog up your drain lines; they don’t only clog your sewer line. In this utilized location, it would not be acceptable to only snake the pipe. The snake will only poke a hole through the grease in order to allow water through.

Instead of performing the above, we exceed our customers’ expectations by offer high-pressure water jetting. This type of service will efficiently clean commercial drains. A highly pressurized jet of water can clean your pipe and fully remove debris, grease buildup, and additional obstructions. This service will completely flush out the system to blast the grease right away in a safe way.

Most of the restaurants typically rely on this service for removal of debris, sludge, mineral deposit, grease, and other buildup from lines. Not having these services would contribute to unwanted experiences, including:

  • Slow Drains
  • Back Flow
  • Clogs and Blockages
  • Odors


Clogs can cause a serious downtime. Lost time will typically lead to lost customers, which leads to a reduce amount of income. Blocked drains can be one of the causes of major overhead expenses, including inspections of the quality and health of your establishment.

Go ahead and schedule a visit from one of our plumbers today and you will be pleasantly amazed at how different our grease trap pumping and drain cleaning services can do. The services we provide will allow you to have an efficient plumbing system, less service calls, and cleaner pipes. Having a properly installed and maintained grease trap can assist with eliminating costly sewer surcharges.