Septic tanks pose danger as they contain methane gas and if not handled properly, it can impact the safety of your family. It can potentially cause serious damage and even an explosion. This is one of the main reasons that it’s essential not to fix a septic tank on your own. By having a reliable plumber, you will be able to get the most out of your services and have your septic tank managed and to ensure that your family, as well as yourself will remain completely safe.

Ensure Decades a Properly Functioning Septic System with a Plumbing Service Company
Performance of safe septic system maintenance occurs with Plumbing Service Company.
Even a septic system that is properly installed and well-designed can fail if it doesn’t receive regular proper care. Replacing a septic system is time consuming and costly. Issues with septic tanks can potentially lead to serious health consequences and could even contaminate your property. Not only will you be faced with property damage, but you could also be faced with environmental cleanup.
How does the septic system and tank even work?
Understanding the process and how it works is key to providing a well-functioning system.

How Septic Tank Services Work

As waste enters the septic tank, bacteria will actively break down the waste, which leaves water behind that can percolate down in the ground. Your septic system depends on bacteria to do its job well. The bacteria lives down in the drain field and in the septic tank.
All waste which flows in your septic tank is called effluent. As bacteria breaks down organic materials, it will form a layer of sludge down on the bottom of the tank. The sludge is made up of inorganic solids, as well as the bacteria byproducts.
While sludge will fall to the bottom, there is a layer of scum that floats up to the top. This scum is made of grease, fat, and oils. Your septic tank works just as a settling pond.
Each septic system will have a filter which stops the majority of solids from entering an outlet pipe, leading to the drain field. The drain field is a big surface in which bacteria feeds on the effluent, and as the treated water will seep into the ground. Pipes that carry the treated water have holes for the water to effectively drain while the surrounding gravel around the pipes allow for oxygen to reach the bacteria.
Along with the assistance of bacteria, the waste will be decomposed; the water will be returned to the groundwater.

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Maintaining Your Septic Tank

Bacteria is vital to the septic system, as mentioned above. By using harsh household chemicals consistently in a large quantity, it will kill off the necessary bacteria that is needed in the drain field and septic tank. Without the organisms, the waste won’t be able to be broken down.

You can potentially cause harm to the septic system when flushing waste down that takes a great deal of time to decompose. Flushing cigarette butts, coffee grounds, and diapers, for example, will potentially cause harm to the septic system. Additional issues can stem from an overused garbage disposal, as well as synthetic lint fibers from a washing machine.
By sending a large quantity of waste water over a short time frame can cause the tank to flush out too fast. By having too much sludge within the tank can interfere with bacteria and its ability to break down any waste and to seep out into the drain field where it can clog pipes and holes.
The roots of brushes and trees of your landscape may create root intrusion within the drain field, leading to potential damage if it is left unchecked; this is actually the most common cause of a clogged sewer.

Plumbing Service Company provides septic tank pumping for commercial and residential locations. By pumping the tank, it will remove the scum and sludge accumulation. Your tank should be pumped once every year; however, some tanks can wait to be pumped every three years. The timeframe depends on the size of your tank and how much waste is being ran through your tank. A professional can help you determine the most logical timeframe that is right for your specific system.
Our company can provide regular pumping and inspections as necessary to make sure that your bacteria is efficiently doing its job. Our team of experts will install an effluent filter right into your tank as well. The filter will add protection from clogging of your drainpipes.
If your current filter is clogging frequently, it’s best to be cautious about which products you are putting down the drain. Food scraps, fat, and grease from the garbage can raise your solids in your tank by a whopping 50 percent.

Certified Technicians Are Skilled with the System

Unlike several plumbers who only are able to pump your septic tank, our team has a complete understand of your entire system.
We provide thorough inspections that will allow you to understand the specific state of your septic system, the amount of water that is passed through daily, and if there is a need to introduce additional bacteria, as well as determine if the septic system is the right size for your home and family.
If you encounter clogged drain pipes, we will be more than happy to let you know about our pipe cleaning services. By hydro-jetting the pipes, it will free them from any obstructions and can potentially save you the cost of new drain field installation. Our team can additionally install a filter on your washing machine drain in order to trap lint particles so it will prevent any conflict with the bacteria in the tank. Replacing old water wasting toilets and installation of low-flow shower heads can be done by our experts.
Another specialty of ours, along with septic tank repair and pumping is tree root intrusion removal. We continuously offer priority scheduling and competitive prices. If your septic system is clogged, let our team assist you with diagnosing the source and offering you a solution which will limit any damage to your property, as well as completely address the issue.
If you happen to notice septic tank issue, call us today to avoid a disaster with hazardous sewer. We are available 24/7 and every day of the year; we don’t charge any overtime or holiday fees. We want to assist you with keeping your septic system going strong with pumping services and routine inspections so your septic system can work efficiently for many decades.