When you find yourself ending your shower early because your water turns cold, you know your water heater could be breaking and that is a horrible experience. We can connect you with one of our local professionals who will be able to fix your water heater promptly to make sure you will be able to have hot water for washing dishes and clothes, bathing, and cleaning. You won’t have to suffer with ice baths any longer once you make that phone call to us.


Know Which Plumbing Service Company to Call for Water Heater Repairs

Plumbing Service Company Will Keep Your Water Warm for you all Year Around

Just like all appliances, water heaters will age with time and it can lead to reduction in function and efficiency. By knowing when you should switch water heaters, you can allow yourself to make the change on your own time or wait for something to fail on it at the most inconvenient time.

For both scheduled maintenance or emergency service, Plumbing Service Company will have your back. Our team knows that not having hot water can be a dreadful time and it’s important for your entire household to have it; we make it a priority to ensure it is restored immediately.

For issues like this and other plumbing issues, we offer plumbing emergency hours. We are available 24/7 and 365 days per year, even on the holidays. We are only one phone call away to replace or maintain your water heater.

Plumbing Service Company ensure they do research regarding our competition with care so we can provide each of our customers with the best rates that are on the market. Just because we offer lower rates, it doesn’t mean that we provide lower quality in any way. In fact, each of our technicians have thousands of hours of on the job training and they are actively pursuing continued education. They are fully insured and licensed.

Your safety is our number one priority and we make sure to always screen each of our staff to ensure a safe environment for our customers. Each of ou. professionals all have to go through a background check and drug test. We maintain professional mannerism and high standards. If your water heater fails, no matter the time of day, give us a call and you will reach a real person, not an automatic message. We are ready to take your concerns and send out a local technician to your home promptly.


Why Wait for an Emergency?

You shouldn’t have to wait for an emergency when it comes to your heater giving out completely prior to giving us a call. Be sure to know the signs of an old water heater that allows you to carefully plan a replacement within your budget, then schedule the installation when it’s convenient for you.

How can you tell if you are in need of a repair or replacement for your water heater? There are essentially two types of water heaters available. The electric water heaters and gas water heaters are both of the options. The appliances can be utilized daily and they typically have a lifespan of eight to 12 years. Lifespans of the water heaters can be longer or shorter; it depends on when it was installed, how well it was maintained, the model, and the set temperature over the years.

You should consider saving for a new water heater if your current one reaches 12-years or once you start noticing any issues. There are some simple repairs that may extend the life of your heater. In order to find the age of your water heater, it is possible by looking up your serial number, which can be found on the manufacturer sticker on the water heater.


Common Repairs We Perform

One common issue that our professionals repair is elements that are burned-out. Our technicians are able to replace the heating elements, which is a repair that will restore the heating efficiency approximately 90 percent of the time. By utilizing a continuity tester, as well as additional electrical testers, we can perform a continuity test to see if it is a burned out element that may be your issue. Additionally, we can check to see if it perhaps burned out.

If the element does need to be replaced, we will end up needing to drain water from your tank to remove the element that is worn out. We also ensure that your lack of hot water isn’t stemming from a tripped circuit breaker and we will reset the high-temperature cutoff, which is found on top of the upper thermostats. Typically, issues with a thermostat and the cutoff switch could cause a water heater to stop working correctly.

If you happen to notice red or rusty city water coming from the base of your water heater or from the cracks, it could be time to replace your entire heater, though this could very well be cause by rusting within the pipes that connect to your heater. The rumbling noises that you hear in the water heater could be caused from deposited sediments that have hardened at the bottom of your tank over years of service.


Allow Plumbing Service Company to Assist You

Water heaters are very large appliances. They do an efficient job when it comes to heating water within the home. They work exceptionally well, leading individuals to completely forget about them until that moment that your water turns cold. It doesn’t matter if your water heater has stopped working or if it is working at a slower pace, a visit from one of our professionals can ensure that the problem will be resolved.

Our technicians will test your water heater to see if the problem is able to be repaired. If it can, you will be able to save several hundred dollars by being able to continue using the water heater. Our contractors won’t leave you out of the loop; they will be sure to tell you if your water heater shows any signs at all of irreversible damage. If your heater does show these signs, we will be able to help you with the installation of a brand-new heater. Having correct installation will play a critical role when it comes to the lifespan of the heater; be sure it is done accurately by a professional.

Each of our services are priced competitively, affordable, and are always available for any type of emergency. Each of our technicians are highly skilled to take on either large or small tasks. They all have their own clean service van that comes equipped with parts for fast repairs.

Don’t hesitate to call us together, even if it’s in the middle of the night. We are confident that you will be more than satisfied with our services. Having our customers’ satisfaction is what keeps us going; it truly makes us happy to see our customers happy with our services. We are pleased to offer water heater replacement and repair services any time of the day.