After putting in your thoughts about different bathroom fixtures and money towards the projects, it’s only natural that you will want to ensure your investment will count. If installation of the plumbing fixtures happens incorrectly, it could cause water damage, fixture damage, and a multitude of additional issues. These are all problems that could have been avoided if you were to hire a professional plumber in the beginning.

Each of our technicians have many years of experience and specialized training. This will allow them to install your plumbing fixtures at a faster and more accurate rate than it may take otherwise. It will save you the time and frustration when you lean on our technicians to get the job done for you.


With incorrect installation, the cost and value of your fixture may go unnoticed because of potential errors that may occur during the project. When you are faced with a new plumbing fixture installation project, call our knowledgeable and experience plumbers. Our team will be more than happy to answer any and all questions, as well as provide you with a signed up-front pricing rate so you will know what to expect without enduring any surprises.

You will soon realize you will be able to trust our team of friendly and reliable professionals with your family, home, and business. Your safety is always taken seriously. Since we know how hard it may be to allow a stranger into your home, we ensure that each of our plumbers have passed a drug screening test and a thorough background check. Our safety reassurance added to our extensive training, experience, and continued education will allow you to have a specialist ready when you need them to tend to your plumbing needs.

It certainly pays in the long run to choose a plumber who has been through it all and has seen it all so they can anticipate a problem before it even occurs. Plumbing Service Company has dealt with multiple renovations have experience with installing hundreds of fixtures.

Our team of professionals are completely dedicated to your satisfaction and to install fixtures with all the care that we would provide as if it were our home. Nothing makes us happier than successfully completing a project so you will be able to enjoy your new fixtures quickly.
Plumbing Service Company in Richmond is available to meet all of your plumbing needs, beyond installation of fixtures. Each of our professionals are hear for you 24/7, every day of the year for any plumbing emergency and to provide the maintenance and repair services you will need for a functioning plumbing system.